Remuneration for Legal Services

Prices of services are always set individually and are based mainly on the complexity of the case and its scope. An estimate of the amount of remuneration cannot be established in more detail without knowledge of the case. However, before taking over the item, we always inform our clients of the anticipated scope of work and of the anticipated total costs that the client will have to invest to resolve the case.

If you send us a brief description of your case, we will review your case for free. We will then send you an analysis of the anticipated legal steps with their estimated cost of the services we can provide. Method of determining the remuneration: In general, the price of services can be set as hourly, business or share.


Method of determining the remuneration:

In general, the price of services can be set as hourly, business or share.

Hourly rate

from 1,200 CZK

In case of hourly remuneration, the client is charged the amount according to the number of hours of work done, each commenced minute.

The basic rate of our office is from 1,200 CZK per hour of legal services and for more complex matters it is up to 2,500 CZK per hour.

Charge for Legal Acts

The agreed amount is charged for each act of legal service under Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Coll. Legal services that are not an act under this Decree are usually charged separately according to the agreed hourly rate.

Share remuneration


In the case of share remuneration, the remuneration is agreed as a share of the outcome of the case, ie as a percentage of the amount awarded to the client.

Client is charged an hourly or share-based remuneration to a reduced extent above the share remuneration.

Advance payment for services: 

When establishing cooperation with the client, we collect a retainer for the payment for legal services to the client. The deposit can be paid in cash to the cash desk of the office or by transfering the funds to the bank account of the office. In the course of the provision of legal services, the services are paid from the deposit, of which the client is informed. In the event that the deposit is not fully exhausted at the termination of the provision of legal services, the surplus is returned to the client. If it is exhausted in the course of providing services, we may ask for its completion.


Cash expenses: 

Clients pay the lawyer for the expenses they pay on their behalf. These are mainly court, administrative or other fees. The client is informed in advance about the necessity of cash expenses.


Loss of time: 

If legal services are provided outside the office in Brno, the office also charges the loss of time. This is usually the time spent on the road to the court, the police, or to negotiate with a counterparty when out of the office. We charge the loss of time at a reduced amount for each started half-hour.